Max’s leadership speech

Hi it’s Max here is my leadership speech Today I will tell you why I should be a sports captain for 2017 I help most people in sport I encourage everyone in sport A couple more reasons I should be sport captain are that I have been playing sport since I was 5 years old. Read More…

Film fest 2016

Today all of the grade 5s watched the grade 6s 30 second films, we watched the films for 50 minutes. When we were watching Dylan and I  were guessing what film was going to win in each category, we both got 3/6 right for guessing the category winners. My rating for the films and how Read More…


10 prefixes Dis-like Un-like Anti-biotic Micro-scope Sub-marine Over-population Inter-national In-visible Dis-order Dis-advantage


Today was bazanatiles day to do what they want for 2 sessions. We played kickball my team won. After we played kickball we had some fruit, chocolate and chips

Donut Party wins vote

Today all of the grades in grade 5 had a vote. In are grade the donut party won here is the order.⬇️ 1.donut party 2. Bazanatile party 3. Olympians 4. Party on party 5. Star party 6. Lighting bolts